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Moved to February 20, 2021 on account of the extreme cold weather

Valentine’s Day Brunch 2021

Breakfast Martini - blood orange gin shaken with
our secret ingredient for a creamy foamy head ... 12.00

Mimosa Flute ...  9.00 Mimosa Carafe ... 35.00
Bloody Maria or Bloody Mary ... 12.00

Eggs Benedict

Classic with side of country potatoes ... 15.00
Crab Cake side of country potatoes ... 28.00
Pulled Pork over polenta cake with a side of country potatoes ... 16.00

Creme Brulee French Toast ... 16.95
with coconut yogurt fruit salad and maple syrup

Rice Waffle ... 10.95
with maple syrup and pecan smoked bacon, or pecan chicken +7.00

Ham and Cheddar Quiche ... 14.50
with mixed green salad and raspberry walnut vinaigrette

Uovo in Raviolo (Giant Runny Egg Yolk Ravioli)... 16.95
with pancetta, spinach and ricotta cheese filling

Spicy Beef and Egg Shakshuka ... 18.95
Roasted ribeye ends with eggs baked in rich tomato sauce,
mozzarella and gorgonzola served with a crust of sourdough

Cheese Danish ... 3.50 ea

The Turtle Restaurant
514 Center Ave Brownwood, Texas 76801