Lunch and Brunch Menu


Crispy Brussels Sprouts           
Balsamic Glaze |  Grated Parmesan


Garlic-Parmesan Fries          
Garlic Aioli | Parsley

Argentinian Beef Empanadas (2)   
Cilantro Chutney | Sour Cream

Vegetarian Beet Empanadas (2)   

Cilantro Chutney | Sour Cream

Pimento Cheese Fritters (5)     
Green Tomato Jam

Pork and Shrimp Pot Stickers (3)   
Edemame Pot Stickers (5)

Corn Queso with Blue Corn Chips   

Buratta and semi Dried Tomatoes    


Vegetarian Samosa           


Soup & Salads:

Today’s Soup - cup  / bowl

Pecan Crumble | Goat Cheese | Greens | Balsamic

Mixed Greens    side        
Pecan Crumble | Goat Cheese | Balsamic Vinaigrette
Tomatoes |




Spinach Bacon and Gruyere            

Spinach | Bacon |Gruyere |Butter Crust | Mixed green side salad


Lasagna Bolognese                                 
Beefy Red Sauce | Parmesan Bechemel | Classic
Eggplant Penne Torta al Forno                                

Eggplant Wrapped Penne in vegetarian red sauce | Parmesan Crumble

Spaghettoni and Meatballs        

Shaved Parmesan | House Made XL Spaghetti

Spagettoni with Pesto and Grilled Chicken

Buratta | Sun dried Tomatoes  | grilled chicken


Burgers and Sandwiches


All served with house made Chips. 

Adobo Roasted Pork | Ham | Swiss | Mustard | Pickles | Cuban Roll

Jalapeno Popper Burger 

Akaushi  Beef  |Bacon Cream Cheese| Raspberry jam |  
Jalapeno Caps | Challah roll

The Turtle Burger - Akaushi Beef   
Swiss | LTO | Aioli | Challah Roll


Sigh Gone
Akaushi Beef | Pirate Slaw Slaw | Brioche bun

King B
Akaushi Beef | Rich BBQ Sauce | pickles and raw onions side

Brioche Bun

Lindsey Burger - Ground Chuck   
Smashed Crispy Burger | Mayo and Mustard | Pickles | Grilled Onions | Brioche Bun



Swiss | Corned Beef | Sauerkraut | 1000 Island | Homemade Oatmeal Stout Bread

Indian Railway Wrap           
Lavash | Grilled Chicken | Pirate Slaw | Sweet Potato cubes



Homemade Mufaletta Bun | Italien Cold Cuts | Olive Salad | Mustard | Chips

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase risk of food borne illnesses


Eggs Benedict

Canadian Bacon and Eggs Benedict

 English Muffin | Two Poached Eggs | Hollandaise Sauce

side of Country Fries